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Newton, Maxwell, Einstein

Do classic science experiments & learn their histories in Virtual Reality.

  • A.D. 1589

    Galileo's Pisa experiment

    Does heavier object fall faster? Are there the same laws that govern both earth and heaven?

  • A.D. 1704

    Newton's optic experiment

    What is light? Light can be decomposed light with prisms and lenses.

  • What is the invisible force that makes magnets attract or repel each other? How does eletricity relate to magnetic fields?

  • A.D. 1905

    Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

    Why mass cannot travel faster than speed of light?
    Why time is relative?

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Live Demo @ VR Sci Fest, May 12-14, 2017

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VR Screening - VR Sci Fest Showcase, NEXT VR Theatre, May 18 4-5pm
Exploring Science Through VR Cinema, NEXT Conference Room, May 19 10-11am

Marche Du Film, Cannes Film Festival, May 17-28, 2017