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See and interact with the invisible force lines of electromagnetism

  • Michael Faraday

    Michael Faraday


    Prof. Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction and light is a form of electromagnetic waves. He invented the early prototype of electrical motor.

  • Michael Faraday was giving demonstrations.

    Experimental Philosophy

    of the 19th Century

    Science experiments were demonstrated live in the lecture hall. Scientific papers were written to describe the experiment just like people witnessing it. Scientific methods were using same experiment with same steps to replicate results.

  • Volta demoed battery pack to Napoleon.

    Alessandro Volta


    He invented the Voltaic pile (the battery). The SI unit of electrical potential - Volt - is named after him. He was also invited to demo the Voltaic pile to Napoleon.

  • Experiments + Education

    1820 - 1860

    Prof. Faraday was a scientific discoverer with unique intuition that uncovered a series of electromagnetic phenomena. He also started a series of Christmas lectures for young people and the general public to learn more about sciences.

  • Volta demoed battery pack to Napoleon.

    James Clerk Maxwell


    Prof. Maxwell formulated dynamic electromagnetism to unify electricity, magnetism, and light as electromagnetic waves. Maxwell was voted the third greatest physicist of all time, behind only Newton and Einstein.

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Our Approach

While improving K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) pedagogy has been a top priority in United States, many students still struggle to learn the sciences. Faraday’s Lab uses immersive VR technologies to turn abstract scientific theories into exciting hands-on, practical experiences perfect for learning the elementary fundamentals of electromagnetism.

We designed Faraday’s Lab to enable players to visualize Michael Faraday’s “invisible lines of force”. The user manipulates a bar magnet to interact with and explore a series of electromagnetic experiments from the 19th century. The interactivity allows the user to gain intuition by seeing and experiencing the magnetic fields. The immersion into the world of Victorian science rich with stories and history provides students with a deeper understanding of physics. Our goal is to provide an alternative way of learning physics through fun, interactive play.